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Whitepaper: Reengineering The Proposal Process

If you are tired of ineffective Red Teams and submitting proposals you know could be so much better, please join us in changing everything the industry thinks it knows about the proposal process

Whitepaper: Proposal Quality Validation

Red Teams are Obsolete! Why, after decades of trying, is no one able to have consistently effective Red Teams? Find out why the color team model is broken and can't be fixed.




PropLIBRARY Solutions Catalog
This is more than just a brochure you can download and share with others. It is a blueprint for how to enhance the business development effectiveness of your entire organization.
Consulting, training, and help winning your pursuits
PropLIBRARY is a great tool and we spend a lot of time talking about it. It's perfect for the "Do It Yourself" types. But when you need guidance from a real live person or some hands on help you need a consultant and not just a tool. Carl Dickson is the founder of and PropLIBRARY. He is also a trainer and consultant. Here is a description of what he does as a consultant so you can see if we're a match.

Feel free to download and send it to others you think could use some help. At the end of the day it's more about how to maximize your return on investment than whether you use a tool or a consultant. That's something we can all explore together.