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When we created the MustWin Process, we showed you how to make the most of the time before RFP release and get into position to be ready to win. But what if you are starting at RFP release and "no bid" is not an option? We've recommended that you combine the pre-RFP questions, goals, and action items into a single list to quickly assess what you know and what you don't.

Now we've done all that work for you by creating a master checklist of proposal startup information. And we've turned it into a new ebook so you can download it and use it separate from the rest of the MustWin Process. You can use it to guide your pre-RFP pursuit, as a bid/no bid tool, as a bid strategy tool, and as a proposal startup accelerator. If you can't implement a formal process, at least you can pull out this handy checklist and improve your chances of winning.


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