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Proposal Quality Assessment Criteria

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About This File

This document provides a set of criteria can be used in several ways to assess the quality of a proposal. They can be used to:

  • Assess a past proposal to establish a benchmark to measure progress by.
  • Assess a collection of past proposals for benchmarking purposes.
  • Collect metrics on proposal quality (by establishing numerical grades for each criteria).
  • Identify areas of concern and focus for future improvement.
  • Assess the trend towards improved or diminished quality over time.

This set of criteria does not focus on:

  • Whether the offering is compliant, effective, or what the customer really wants
  • Typographical accuracy and proof reading
  • Pricing and contractual terms
  • Style and design choices

By excluding the offering and pricing, this set of assessment criteria focuses on the proposal itself, and not the overall offering or its likelihood of winning.

Before using these criteria to assess a current proposal prior to submission, they should be customized to include criteria related to the items above. We recommend the Proposal Quality Validation methodology for assessing current proposals because it does include these criteria. The Proposal Quality Validation methodology is part of the MustWin Process and the details for implementing it are contained in the PropLIBRARY Knowledgebase.

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