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A Better Way to Figure Out What Should Go Into Your Proposal

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We pulled together a ton of material that we've written about figuring out what should go into your proposals and have turned it into a new 56-page ebook.

After you have a chance to see how wonderfully useful the content is, then you’ll want to upgrade to a PropLIBRARY Subscription and get all the material we’ve published. And to make it easier, we’re including an $80 coupon in the book worth double what the book costs if you do upgrade to PropLIBRARY.

If you upgrade, you end up saving and getting access to a ton of useful material to maximize your win rate from the best online library in existence. If you don’t upgrade, you still get a tremendously useful book that will make all of your future proposals easier. Either way you come out ahead.

What's in the book?

This book explains why proposals are such a pain and what to do about it. It shows how to get past the fear of a blank page and the best way to accelerate your efforts. It shows you how to get your proposal right on the first draft, without endless review and proposal re-writing cycles. It lays out the sophisticated methodology from the MustWin Process in PropLIBRARY and then shows you how to cheat. It makes it both feasible and realistic to plan your proposal before writing it. It even discusses how the methodology can be tailored to different proposal management styles, corporate environments, and individual circumstances.

It's full of useful information on topics like how to construct your proposal outline, how to word your headings, what a "compliance matrix" is and how to create one, proposal sections, and more. It starts with the basics of how to organize your proposal and then guides you through what to put into it. Figuring out your proposal content, knowing what topics to address, and writing a proposal requires a lot more than just creating a proposal outline or using a template. This handbook will not only accelerate your proposal writing efforts, it will show you how to create better proposal content.

The materials we publish have been fully vetted by millions of people in our audience over more than 10 years. This ebook is written for RFP-based proposals, but it also shows how to apply the methodology to sales proposals that don't have RFPs. It is written to handle the complexities of bidding U.S. Government proposals, but without the jargon so that it's applicable to all kinds of proposals written in response to an RFP.

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The 56-page proposal ebook is in PDF format and can be downloaded and put to work immediately upon purchase.

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