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Sample Proposal Makeover: Before and After

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See a real proposal that someone submitted
See something you can compare your proposal to
See an assessment so you know the sample is any good before you follow it
See an experts review comments

Better yet:

See what it looks like after the review comments are incorporated
See a good proposal made over into a great proposal!

The sample is a 15 page proposal. The original proposal was good. It won, after all. But it could have been better and the goal is to win consistently and beat all competitors. It wasn't up to our standards. So we took this ordinary proposal and turned it into a great proposal!

We have included the original RFP so that you can compare what was written to what the customer asked for. A great proposal isn't just some sample that gets re-used over and over. A great proposal is customized against the RFP and what you know about the customer. The way that the RFP will be evaluated should drive how you organize the content, what you say, and how you say it. Without the RFP, it may be difficult to understand why a proposal was constructed the way it was. A sample proposal without the RFP is an incomplete picture.

The sample proposal was written to supply an enterprise network back-up system to the company that issued the Request for Proposals (RFP). But as you'll see, the product or service offered really doesn't matter to you. The things we see in this proposal, both good and bad, are the same things we see all the time in proposals spanning every field and industry.

Our review includes 73 comments, all of which could potentially apply to your proposal. But the comments aren't enough to see how great the proposal could be. So we gave the proposal a makeover.

The result is a lot more than just a "sample proposal." It is something you can really learn from and make use of. The best way to make use of this sample is not to simply copy the proposal makeover, but rather to examine the before and after copies to see if you are making the same mistakes, to see examples of how they were corrected, and to assess what would work best for your customer and circumstances.

This product is a set of PDFs contained in a Zip file that can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

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