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Proposal Schedule Worksheet

A list of events that typically should go on your proposal schedule

Creating and implementing the proposal schedule:

  • The Proposal Manager is in charge of creating and implementing the proposal schedule.
  • The Capture Manager is responsible for identifying the resources required.

You can present your proposal schedule using whatever format (calendar, gantt chart, PowerPoint, etc.) you prefer. But first you need to determine what should go on your schedule.

Within the MustWin Process we designate several plans, including Logistics and Production, Quality, and Content. We also include a Collaboration and Coordination Plan for departments that will contribute to the proposal, such as Human Resources, Accounting/Finance, Supply Chain, etc. These plans are where you determine things like review dates, contribution deadlines, etc. For each of these plans, we recommend having a validation review to ensure the plans are sufficient. You can create the shell for your schedule, but you need to complete and validate these plans to complete the detailed schedule. 

Task/Milestone Date/Time
Bid/No Bid Meeting  
Kickoff Meeting  
Bidders Conference/Site Visit (if any)  
Review to Validate Proposal Logistics and Production Plan  
Dates to Implement Proposal Logistics and Production Plan  
Review to Validate Proposal Collaboration and Coordination Plans (HR, Pricing, Supply Chain, etc.)  
Dates to Implement Proposal Collaboration and Coordination Plans (HR, Pricing, Supply Chain, etc.)  
Review to Validate Proposal Quality Plan  
Dates to Implement Proposal Quality Plan  
Review to Validate Compliance Matrix  
Review to Validate Proposal Content Plan  
Progress Reviews  
Completion of First Draft  
Completion of Revisions  
Submission Approval  
Anticipated Award  
Estimated Project Start  


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