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Should you get a
Single User Subscription or a Corporate Subscription to PropLIBRARY.com?

Single User Subscription

A Single User Subscription is best for when you only need access for yourself. You can be the leader, and use the materials in a team setting (see the Terms of Use). But no one else on the team will have direct access to the Knowledgebase and all of the training benefits. A single user subscription is economical, whether you compare it to training, the cost of developing similar tools, or the beneficial impact it will have on your proposals. Single user subscriptions must be renewed annually, but renewals cost a lot less than the initial subscription.

Corporate Subscription

A Corporate Subscription enables everyone in your organization to have on-demand access to the PropLIBRARY Knowledgebase. Because a Corporate Subscription does not have to be renewed, if you have three or more users, you'll break even by the 1st renewal. With a Corporate Subscription, you maintain the list of who has access in a simple spreadsheet that you can update whenever you wish.

Corporate Subscribers also get special features. For example Corporate Subscribers can customize the PropLIBRARY Knowledgebase. They can hide anything that's not relevant, add their own stuff, replace the off-the-shelf material with customized items, etc. They can also customize the Proposal Recipe area, turning PropLIBRARY into a platform for easily managing your re-use library. You can upload your own re-use material and decide whether to keep our recipes, customize them, or hide them. Access is controlled by the spreadsheet you use to add, delete, or change users. You decide what your users see, and only your users have access to your material. It's a super-easy, super-economical way to launch an online proposal resource.


Type of AccessCostRenewalsBenefits
Single User Subscription$495Annual, $195Gives your key person the tools they need to lead the team to a win.
Corporate Subscription$2500None!Provides access for up to 100 people for the price of only five (less when you include renewals). Enables you to give access to PropLIBRARY to every person on every one of your pursuits, and improve the BD/Proposal capabilities of your entire organization.

How Do You Get a Subscription?

Single User Subscriptions are purchased online. Just put one into your cart and check out.

Corporate Subscriptions are almost as easy. You can purchase online for quick implementation. For other payment options, hit the "Contact Us" button. Once your order is processed, we send you a special spreadsheet that you use to identify your users. You can update it at any time by emailing us a new copy.

Click here to order a subscription online

Do you have anything smaller than 100 users?

No — just the Single User Subscription. You can purchase several of them or purchase a Corporate Subscription. We want our Corporate Subscribers to be able to cover everyone who might touch a pursuit now or tomorrow without having to think about the headcount or pull their punches. We realize that this potentially creates a ridiculously low potential price per user and no room in our pricing for smaller head counts. We did that on purpose so we wouldn't have to think about it, negotiate it, or make the decision complicated. Get a Corporate Subscription and you're covered — it's that easy. Unless you need more than 100 users. That's easy too, but you have to contact us so we can give you an even lower price per user.

A few words about our pricing

You might compare our pricing to training even though it's more of a tool. Compared to a single course, PropLIBRARY is a better value with more coverage, more takeaway value, and around the clock availability. In fact, it’s probably worth more than training that costs several times more than what we are charging. You can't even roll out an internal training program for what we charge. But we want PropLIBRARY to be priced lower than your other options. One of the ways we achieve this is by staying web-based. Maybe one day we’ll hire a sales force and launch a call center with "operators standing by." For now we're happy to offer an extremely good value that, by boosting the business development and proposal skills of your whole organization, can achieve the best ROI of your entire career.

Risk Mitigation

Not sure you're ready to commit? Purchase a Single User Subscription. We automatically credit you for your Single User Subscription if you upgrade to a Corporate Subscription. If you're logged in as a Single User, the website is smart enough to automatically adjust the pricing for you.

If you have more 100 people you want access for or have questions, let's talk: 800-848-1563

Details, details, details...