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PropLIBRARY is a tool for winning in writing
PropLIBRARY is part online training, part recipe library, and part process documentation. It tells you what you need to know, explains what you should do, and then guide you through turning what you know into the words you need on paper to close the deal. We are constantly adding to PropLIBRARY. While we provide free access to a ton of material that describes the theory and foundation behind our recommendations, you need a subscription to access the premium material needed for immediate implementation. Feel free to browse around and see for yourself.

A subscription to PropLIBRARY gives you the templates, checklists, forms, and other materials that make it easy to turn theory into winning proposals.

How can we help you?

Now PropLIBRARY comes with the personal touch

Now PropLIBRARY comes with the personal touch

Some of the topics addressed in PropLIBRARY

  • Strategic planning
  • Targeting and prospecting
  • Lead identification and qualification
  • Defining and filling your pipeline
  • Pre-RFP pursuit and positioning
  • Winning before the RFP is released
  • Monitoring and measuring progress
  • Improving bid/no bid decisions
  • Bid strategy development
  • Teaming
  • Preparing to bid
  • Enterprise level BD issues
  • BD metrics and reporting

  • Proposal:
  • Accelerating the proposal
  • Proposal section recipes
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Bid strategies and proposal themes
  • Proposal start-up/logistics planning
  • Proposal Content Planning
  • Proposal writing tips
  • Proposal Quality Validation and reviews
  • Proposal production
  • Enterprise level proposal issues
  • Proposal metrics and reporting
  • New PropLIBRARY Content: