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PropLIBRARY is a tool for winning in writing
PropLIBRARY is part online training, part recipe library, and part process documentation. It tells you what you need to know, explains what you should do, and then guide you through turning what you know into the words you need on paper to close the deal. We are constantly adding to PropLIBRARY. While we provide free access to a ton of material that describes the theory and foundation behind our recommendations, you need a subscription to access the premium material needed for immediate implementation. Feel free to browse around and see for yourself.

A subscription to PropLIBRARY gives you the templates, checklists, forms, and other materials that make it easy to turn theory into winning proposals.

How can we help you?

Now PropLIBRARY comes with the personal touch

Now PropLIBRARY comes with the personal touch

Some of the topics addressed in PropLIBRARY

  • Strategic planning
  • Targeting and prospecting
  • Lead identification and qualification
  • Defining and filling your pipeline
  • Pre-RFP pursuit and positioning
  • Winning before the RFP is released
  • Monitoring and measuring progress
  • Improving bid/no bid decisions
  • Bid strategy development
  • Teaming
  • Preparing to bid
  • Enterprise level BD issues
  • BD metrics and reporting

  • Proposal:
  • Accelerating the proposal
  • Proposal section recipes
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Bid strategies and proposal themes
  • Proposal start-up/logistics planning
  • Proposal Content Planning
  • Proposal writing tips
  • Proposal Quality Validation and reviews
  • Proposal production
  • Enterprise level proposal issues
  • Proposal metrics and reporting
  • New PropLIBRARY Content:

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    • New Article:
      A two-part strategy for writing great proposal introductions
      If you can write a great proposal introduction, you can write a great proposal. The opposite is also true. If you write a bad proposal introduction, you’ll probably also have a poorly written propo...     By Administrator on 03 Oct 2015

    • New Article:
      Are objective proposal reviews possible?
      Objective proposal reviews might be possible if you have unlimited staffing. But nobody has unlimited staffing. And maybe striving too hard for objectivity actually gets in the way of validating th...     By Carl Dickson on 27 Sep 2015

    • New Article:
      6 Tips for measuring proposal progress
      When a proposal has an absolute deadline, it’s important to know that things are on track towards completion. But that’s easy to say and hard to do. It’s even harder when there are multiple people...     By Carl Dickson on 20 Sep 2015

    • New Article:
      The proposal arguments we should be having
      Incredible amounts of time and energy are wasted in proposal arguments that are basically pointless. They cause delays. They create extra work. They make people dread working on proposals. And they...     By Carl Dickson on 13 Sep 2015

    • New Article:
      Doing proposals with other people
      Creating a proposal is easy. Working with other people is hard. Combine the two and you’ve got trouble. A big part of the problem is that other people have opinions. They have their own ways of...     By Carl Dickson on 06 Sep 2015

    • New Article:
      Creating proposals that are bigger than yourself
      We all dream of winning it big. If you want your business to win it big, there is something you need to master that’s more important that finding big leads. You have to create an organization that...     By Carl Dickson on 30 Aug 2015

    • New Article:
      Two ways to become a great proposal writer
      Most training in proposal writing focuses on the mechanics of identifying what to write, and provides very little help for how to write it. I see a lot of well-trained proposal teams struggle with...     By Carl Dickson on 23 Aug 2015

    • New Article:
      One simple thing you can do to greatly improve your proposal reviews
      Proposal reviews typically result in dozens of comments from each reviewer. Multiply that by the size of your team, and it’s not unusual to have hundreds of comments. So not only do you invest time...     By Carl Dickson on 17 Aug 2015

    • New Article:
      8 Ingredients of proposal persuasion and great proposal writing
      Persuasion is Part Differentiation If you are not different, the customer won’t have a reason to select you. If you don’t point out the things that differentiate your offering, then all the eval...     By Carl Dickson on 09 Aug 2015

    • New Article:
      33 Ways to see your proposal through your customer’s eyes
      When the customer receives your proposal, what will they think? Nearly all the proposals I review are written about the company submitting the proposal. Is that what the customer wants to see? I...     By Carl Dickson on 02 Aug 2015

    • New Article:
      Why your good proposal is going to lose
      A lot of companies do exactly the wrong thing when faced with a must win opportunity. They try to make sure they don’t lose. They give the customer exactly what they ask for in the RFP. They may ev...     By Administrator on 26 Jul 2015

    • New Article:
      Does your proposal add up to nothing?
      Most people write their proposals by doing things that add up to nothing. Instead of thinking through what it will take to win, they just start piling on positive sounding attributes. They might ev...     By Administrator on 19 Jul 2015

    • New Article:
      Six critical areas that need attention if you want to win new business no matter
      The way most companies go after new business is not based on what it will take to win. It’s based on the people they have. Even if they are good people working hard, we all have gaps in our experti...     By Administrator on 12 Jul 2015

    • New Article:
      Avoid Getting Caught in the Business Development Growth Trap
      What the trap is and eight ways to avoid getting caught in it. There is a clear line. If your company crosses it before it has institutionalized a winning business development process and cult...     By Carl Dickson on 05 Jul 2015

    • New Article:
      When is a proposal manager not a proposal manager?
      When people use the term proposal manager they often mean different things. When people think of a proposal manager as the person ultimately responsible for delivering the proposal, they sometimes...     By Carl Dickson on 28 Jun 2015

    • New Article:
      Where should you start to improve your proposals?
      Where you start depends on who you are, or more accurately the role you play. People look at proposals differently depending on their role, and their contribution to winning is different as well. I...     By Carl Dickson on 21 Jun 2015

    • New Article:
      A big proposal with an impossible deadline does not have to end in disaster
      What if I told you that on a 50-page proposal for services provided worldwide, due in just 7 days, we scheduled not one but two major reviews and that we planned to write a Red Team ready draft in...     By Carl Dickson on 13 Jun 2015

    • New Article:
      Are templates the best way to prepare proposals?
      Do templates make proposal creation easier, result in better quality, or destroy your chances of winning? First, let’s make a distinction between templates for formatting vs. templates for cont...     By Carl Dickson on 07 Jun 2015

    • New Article:
      8 Simple things you can do to transform ordinary proposal writing into great proposal writing
      Here are 8 simple things a non-specialist can do to dramatically improve their proposal writing. Use this list to go through what you have written sentence by sentence. Doing so can transform your...     By Carl Dickson on 31 May 2015

    • New Article:
      Four ways to differentiate proposal when can’t find any differentiators
      In certain markets, people really struggle to find differentiators. When the RFP tells you exactly what to bid, how many to bid, how to structure your pricing, and what the terms and conditions mus...     By Carl Dickson on 24 May 2015

    • New Article:
      Why proposal win themes are so hard to write (and what to do about it)
      When you bid an opportunity simply because you discover that the client is accepting proposals from anyone and you decide to give it a shot, you start from zero when trying to articulate why the cu...     By Carl Dickson on 17 May 2015

    • New Article:
      34 Reasons why the RFP requirements were worded that way
      Writing an RFP is harder than writing a proposal. If you are a proposal writer and have never written an RFP, especially for something you need created or developed, you should try it some time. It...     By Carl Dickson on 10 May 2015

    • New Article:
      What’s the most important part of a Request for Proposals (RFP)?
      Is it the statement of work? The evaluation criteria? The pricing model? Those are all important, but if you want to win there is something about an RFP that is even more important. The problem is...     By Carl Dickson on 03 May 2015

    • New Article:
      14 ways to get into position to win
      Improving your win rate has the potential to double your revenue from the exact same number of leads. But improving your win rate is easier said than done. Most of the things that will have the gre...     By Carl Dickson on 25 Apr 2015

    • New Article:
      Do you have to do a proposal or do you get to do a proposal?
      Is working on a proposal a necessary evil or an opportunity? Is it an assignment you have to complete to keep someone else happy or is it a chance to bring meaning to your work? Is it a chance to...     By Carl Dickson on 16 Apr 2015

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      New Download:
      Pipeline Assessment Webinar Slides
      By Carl Dickson on 15 Apr 2015

    • New Article:
      Business development vs. capture vs. proposal management vs. winning
      The primary missions of business development, capture, and proposal management are all very different. And yet, they share the same goal: winning. The way they are normally practiced is as a series...     By Carl Dickson on 11 Apr 2015

    • New Article:
      What a business development pipeline assessment can and can't tell you
      I love starting off our consulting engagements by doing a pipeline assessment because it quantifies the reality of things and gives us both a better understanding of the true impact of the improvem...     By Carl Dickson on 05 Apr 2015

    • New Product:
      Training Library Subscription
      By Esther Eisner on 24 Mar 2015

    • New Article:
      Where should you invest to improve your proposals?
      How do you get good at doing proposals? Where do you start? What should you focus on? You won’t get good at proposals simply by doing a lot of them. You might get more efficient, but being more eff...     By Carl Dickson on 22 Mar 2015