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PropLIBRARY is a tool for winning in writing
PropLIBRARY is part online training, part recipe library, and part process documentation. It tells you what you need to know, explains what you should do, and then guide you through turning what you know into the words you need on paper to close the deal. We are constantly adding to PropLIBRARY. While we provide free access to a ton of material that describes the theory and foundation behind our recommendations, you need a subscription to access the premium material needed for immediate implementation. Feel free to browse around and see for yourself.

A subscription to PropLIBRARY gives you the templates, checklists, forms, and other materials that make it easy to turn theory into winning proposals.

How can we help you?

Now PropLIBRARY comes with the personal touch

Now PropLIBRARY comes with the personal touch

Some of the topics addressed in PropLIBRARY

  • Strategic planning
  • Targeting and prospecting
  • Lead identification and qualification
  • Defining and filling your pipeline
  • Pre-RFP pursuit and positioning
  • Winning before the RFP is released
  • Monitoring and measuring progress
  • Improving bid/no bid decisions
  • Bid strategy development
  • Teaming
  • Preparing to bid
  • Enterprise level BD issues
  • BD metrics and reporting

  • Proposal:
  • Accelerating the proposal
  • Proposal section recipes
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Bid strategies and proposal themes
  • Proposal start-up/logistics planning
  • Proposal Content Planning
  • Proposal writing tips
  • Proposal Quality Validation and reviews
  • Proposal production
  • Enterprise level proposal issues
  • Proposal metrics and reporting
  • New PropLIBRARY Content:

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    • New Article:
      5 Things billion dollar companies do differently to win their proposals
      Instead of being well-oiled intimidating machines, most big companies are a collection of political territories that often don’t know what resources are available to them and don’t cooperate very w...     By Carl Dickson on 26 Oct 2014

    • New Article:
      How important is layout design for winning proposals?
      Is layout design just the icing on the cake? Does it improve your chances of winning? Is presentation everything? Or is it completely irrelevant to the decision maker? How much do impressions matte...     By Carl Dickson on 19 Oct 2014

    • New Article:
      6 simple ways to avoid awfully bad proposal writing
      I continue to be fascinated by how similar really bad proposals tend to be. They all make the same mistakes. And even if you follow good processes and do the right things, when the writing is that...     By Carl Dickson on 12 Oct 2014

    • Random musing:
      Do people have the wrong ideas about proposal writing training?     Posted by Carl Dickson on 07 Oct 2014

    • New Article:
      22 Examples of what your customer is looking for, and what to do about it
      The best way to organize your proposal is around what the customer is looking for. But you have to do it in a very literal sense. The customer is looking for something tangible. They are looking...     By Carl Dickson on 05 Oct 2014

    • Published on LinkedIn:
      Attention Executives: The critical chain of events that leads to winning business
      Writing a proposal is the last event in a chain. Everything leads up to the proposal, which closes the sale. It is silly to say which step is more important because they form a chain. See how.     By Carl Dickson on 05 Oct 2014

    • New Article:
      The truth about customer intimacy
      Customer intimacy sounds so much cooler than customer satisfaction or awareness. No company is going to say that they’re not interested in customer intimacy. It’s pretty easy to convince the execut...     By Carl Dickson on 28 Sep 2014

    • New Article:
      101 Ways to help a potential customer in writing
      Are most of your interactions with potential customers these days in writing? Relationship marketing is about providing support and building trust. This is still true when your relationship is cond...     By Carl Dickson on 21 Sep 2014

    • New Article:
      Find out how selling in writing is different than in person
      Selling in writing is about influencing the decision process and the decision maker with what you put on paper. A salesperson has influence in person, but if they don’t carry that over to what gets...     By Carl Dickson on 14 Sep 2014

    • New Post:
      Somebody stop me from writing this book     By Carl Dickson on 14 Sep 2014

    • New Article:
      Do your proposal assignments come with failure built in?
      Most proposal assignments are a plea for the writers to figure out how to win the proposal on their own. Is that realistic? Is that even possible? It probably depends on how much customer insight t...     By Carl Dickson on 06 Sep 2014

    • New Article:
      The next version of PropLIBRARY
      Sometime in mid-2015 we're going to release a completely redesigned version of PropLIBARY. It will have the same content, only more of it. But that content will be delivered through a much easier t...     By Administrator on 02 Sep 2014

    • Featured Download:
      How to Do Proposals the Wrong Way
      This is one of our older documents, but it was so much fun to write. And the advice in it is timeless. We've stopped selling it separately but still make it available to our subscribers. One day I revisit it and do an update. But until then it's still very much worth enjoying.     By Carl Dickson on 02 Sep 2014

    • New Article:
      The most important skill for cultivating great proposal writing
      You don’t need to be slick with words to write great proposals. You don’t have to have the editing skills of a professional. You really don’t have to be an expert in anything. But there is one thin...     By Carl Dickson on 31 Aug 2014

    • New Product:
      1-month Feed+Newsletter Promotion
      Between our newsletter, LinkedIn group, and web sites, we reach over 100,000 people every week. You have several options for getting in front of our audience with your announcements, events, produ...     By Administrator on 27 Aug 2014

    • New Article:
      Feedback on some advice I gave a year and a half ago
      A while back someone with little or no proposal experience asked me for some advice regarding whether she should take a proposal coordinator job that was being offered to her. I had forgotten al...     By Carl Dickson on 27 Aug 2014

    • PropLIBRARY Subscribers Only:
      Have you seen the subscriber-only files in the Downloads Library?
      PropLIBRARY Subscribers can download all of the ebooks we publish without purchasing them individually. They are located in the Downloads Library.     Posted by Carl Dickson on 27 Aug 2014

    • Featured publication:
      Better Bid/No Bid Decisions
      When we helped a company improve their bid/no bid decision process recently, we found this eBook we published to be really helpful. Check it out.     By Carl Dickson on 26 Aug 2014

    • New Article:
      5 Considerations for selecting the right targets and the elephant in the room
      Sometimes the world is just too big. It’s full of customers, but finding them is like playing the game, “Where’s Waldo?” And just like in the game, you need a strategy for finding your customers....     By Carl Dickson on 24 Aug 2014

    • News:
      LinkedIn Group hits 21,000 members!
      The discussion group we moderate on LinkedIn has grown huge, making it an excellent place to start discussions, get feedback, get answers to questions, and learn. It's the top group on LinkedIn for proposal writing, with many of the top professionals in the field participating. Special interest subgroups are also available for discussing grants, government contracting, small business, international business, and more...     Posted by Carl Dickson on 22 Aug 2014

    • New Article:
      The right way to describe your strengths in a proposal
      If it’s so obvious that your proposal should feature your strengths and downplay your weaknesses, why do so many proposals do such a poor job of proposal writing? This article was written after spe...     By Carl Dickson on 17 Aug 2014

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      New Download:
      DC Summit for Success Presentation: It's Not About You
      By Carl Dickson on 10 Aug 2014

    • New Article:
      The real reason why your proposal process is failing
      Most people do not follow their company’s proposal process. Most proposal managers blame process failure on the participants not having enough discipline to follow the process. People focus on the...     By Carl Dickson on 10 Aug 2014

    • New Article:
      Are you making the colossal mistake of thinking in writing?
      If you think the best way to figure out what to write about in your proposal is to start writing, you may be making a colossal mistake. The mistake is that you’re skipping the part where you “figur...     By Carl Dickson on 03 Aug 2014

    • New Article:
      3 Critical moments in time to avoid proposal waste
      Most of the wasted effort that occurs during proposals occurs as a result of poor decisions or the failure to be ready at three critical moments in time during the development of the proposal. A li...     By Carl Dickson on 27 Jul 2014

    • New Article:
      8 Ways you are wasting a ton of money on proposals
      I tend to focus on winning proposals instead of efficiency. One more win can produce enough revenue to cover the inefficiency of many proposals. If you want more revenue, you are better off focusin...     By Carl Dickson on 20 Jul 2014

    • New Article:
      When should you make your proposal into part of a conversation with the customer?
      The proposal becomes part of the conversation when it responds to something the customer said, usually in the form of an RFP, and then gives them an opportunity to continue the conversation, usuall...     By Carl Dickson on 13 Jul 2014

    • New Article:
      Visualizing the customer relationship as one big conversation
      We usually think of a proposal as a tool to close the sale. Does that mean it’s an ending to the conversation you’ve been having with the customer? Or is the start of another conversation? What if...     By Carl Dickson on 06 Jul 2014

    • New Article:
      Winning in Writing: How to improve your ability to win proposals
      Nothing about proposals is particularly difficult. But the combination is so challenging that everyone has room for improvement. Just knowing which areas to focus on or how to set your priorities c...     By Administrator on 29 Jun 2014